Deepa Krishnan


Deepa Krishnan is a self-taught artist based in Mississauga. She specializes in the art of Paper Quilling which involves manipulating narrow strips of paper to create exquisite designs. She discovered this art form when she was looking for a creative outlet from her engineering job. She was amazed by the possibilities and beauty of paper quilling, that she decided to pursue it as a full-time career. Since then, she has been passionately mastering this technique and has created many artworks drawing inspiration from nature, music and travel. She cuts the paper strips in different widths to add depth and dimension to her creations. She loves to play with the colours and experiment with the quilling techniques to create her own distinctive style. Deepa believes that anyone can learn this art form, regardless of their age or skill level and she hosts many workshops to spread the joy of quilling. She enjoys seeing her students discover their own creativity and style in paper quilling.