Adam de Vries


Adam de Vries is a Canadian character designer known for his appealing posing ability. Born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga, he loved Looney Tunes cartoons and the Muppet show, Calvin and Hobbes comics, movies, and ice hockey, which led him to his logical career choice, drawing silly stuff for tv.

Adam graduated from Algonquin College’s Animation Program and went on to work for John K (Ren and Stimpy creator) as a character layout artist, and then later worked for multiple tv animation studios. He worked as an animation artist on Peep and the Big Wide World, then as animation director on Iggy Arbunkle where he used to hand draw a lot of the main poses to guide the artists like in ways Chuck Jones used to back in the day. Later on, he worked on shows such as Scaredy Squirrel and Sidekick, where he really pushed the animation posing. He then continued to excel in hand drawn posing as he moved onto such shows as Peabody and Sherman for Netflix, and then Tom and Jerry.

When he’s not drawing, he enjoys being outdoors, photography, and playing ice hockey. Adam and his wife and their two daughters live in Mississauga where they have fun drawing together and having ice cream.