Amrita Virdi


Amrita Virdi, an artist and educator, holds degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. With a strong foundation in both artistic theory and practice, she imparts her expertise as an art teacher at NorthStar Montessori and a dedicated instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2014.

Amrita’s versatility shines through her adeptness in teaching an array of mediums and working with students of all ages. Her personal artistic journey is marked by a love for experimental techniques, oil painting, collage, and digital software manipulation. She thrives on pushing boundaries, and her commitment to innovative approaches resonates deeply in her teachings.

At the heart of Amrita’s pedagogy lies the desire to nurture creative confidence. By cultivating safe and inclusive spaces, she empowers her students to embrace their unique artistic voices. Her ultimate goal is to guide others in producing art they are genuinely proud of, instilling in them a profound sense of its significance.

Amrita Virdi’s dedication to sharing her creativity and fostering the creative genius of her students exemplifies the transformative power of art education. Through her unwavering commitment to innovative expression and personalized growth, she contributes significantly to the artistic landscape, both as an artist and as an inspirational mentor.