Carla Gonzalez


Carla Gonzalez was born in Caracas -Venezuela but left her native land at the early age of 3 to travel the world with he parents, this gave her an opportunity to explore and learn a lot about cultures and colours which will come into play when she started picking up drawing and painting at an early age, her first drawing class took place in Hong Kong,  Design & Caribbean history in Trinidad and Tobago, back to Caracas for Art Fundamentals  and finally she earned her Fine Arts  Diploma from Toronto School of Arts in 1997, in the following years she worked as a Graphic Designer  in Colour Vision Inc. and after she went on to one of her favourite journeys teaching art to kids and adults alike. Her favourite subjects for art are women & mother nature, her mediums go from pencil crayon, ink, acrylics & oils. She believes life is a collective journey and is her intention to make it a colourful one for her and those who she is blessed to share it with.