Gustavo Romero


Born in Bogota,Colombia,Gustavo is a self-taught artist specializing in portrait drawing in pastel,pencil and colored pencil.In elementary school he would help classmates with their art projects and in high school he would be selected by teachers to work in art project for the entire school,during these years,Gustavo enhanced his skills by enrolling at the school of art.During his working years,Gustavo made a living by working in art,graphics and art commissions In 1991,Gustavo and his family moved to Canada,here he continued working with his arts as well as in a factory until retirement.

Since retiring,Gustavo has worked as an art teacher in mani locations in the GTA such as the City of Mississauga,Dufferin peel and Visual Arts Mississauga,to name a few. Gustavo Currently teaches at the Mississauga Valley Seniors club,Visual art Brampton,Visual arts Mississauga and several retirement facilities.

Gustavo is very grateful for the opportunities to be able to work with art which is his passion.