Jasmine Canaviri


Jasmine Canaviri is an interdisciplinary artist from Brampton, Ontario. Her practice engages with the love and labour that goes into ceramics, textiles, and the handmade as a way of self-healing. She’s inspired by those around her, both objects and people, alongside her lived experience. Canaviri’s current focus is on colour and tactility (the ability to touch; to hold) to contrast her research-driven practice. During her MFA, her focus was on her own trauma, identity, and fragmented memories. After learning and creating a thesis centered around this, Canaviri found that by playing with colour and creating works meant to be touched, the heaviness of her subjectivity felt lighter. Now, with a focus on vibrancy and a renewed interest in all things art, Canaviri creates works to heal and to be in the present – as opposed to focusing on the past. Canaviri completed her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at York University in 2022. While there, she was a recipient of a Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC-M). As of 2023, she is Resident Artist at the Living Arts Centre for the City of Mississauga.

Website: https://jasminecanaviri.weebly.com/ 

Instagram: @jasminecanaviri