Kat Honey


Katya (Kat) Honey is an artist, art instructor and recovering graphic designer. An award-winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, her practice includes collage, signage and painting. Often bold (but sometimes subtle), Kat’s work is informed by her design sensitivity and training, her love of contrasts, and her penchant for text, wit and wordplay. Recent exhibitions include: In Situ Multi Arts Festival, Mississauga, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Otto Art, Red Head Gallery, Gladstone House’s Come Up to My Room and The Artist Project 2023. In 2021, Kat designed a permanent neon installation (fabricated by FUSE Neon) for Gladstone House, which was also featured on a limited-edition beer can by Henderson Brewing and a Gladstone tote bag. In 2022, Kat designed and illustrated (with collage), Bright Fish, a collection of poetry by the late Lavell Ferris Baldock, published by Barlow Books. In 2023, Kat put out the first book of her work on Collage & Decollage. As an instructor, Kat teaches artist-to-artist: inspiration, challenge, structure, support, artistic freedom, lively discussion — and laughter. Since the onset of the pandemic, Kat has discovered a love for teaching online courses. In addition to Visual Arts Mississauga, Kat teaches online and in-person through several other channels — as well as leading workshops, giving lectures and jurying exhibitions throughout Southern Ontario. Along with her wife, Kim-Lee Kho, Kat hosts the popular free Virtual Collage Jam on YouTube – featured in Cherie Rahkola’s article in Kolaj Magazine issue #34.

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