Sierra Peca


Sierra Peca is a second-generation Maltese/Italian Canadian painter and writer with a passion for art history. She holds a BA from the University of Toronto with a double major in Art & Art History (joint with Sheridan College) and Professional Writing & Communication. She is trained in painting, drawing, and photography, and combines these media in the production of her paintings. She has worked as a painting assistant for Tony Scherman and an assistant for the Painting 1 class at Sheridan College. She is also the recipient of the Excellence in Painting 3 Award from the University of Toronto and the Dr. Annie Smith Travel Scholarship from Sheridan College. Her work has been exhibited at the Women’s Art Association of Canada, the Blackwood Gallery, and Visual Arts Mississauga. She has a passion for storytelling and hopes that her paintings offer small glimpses into individual stories that relate across borders. Her first book titled Mizia follows the life of 17th century artist Artemisia Gentileschi and combines her passion for art and literature.