Theo Vandergraaf


Born in 1997, Theo Vandergraaf is a self taught artist practicing and teaching in Calgary and Toronto.

Falling in love with stories at a young age, he pursued his passion by studying theatre and direction at Sheridan College. During the program he started exploring and pushing the boundaries of his artistry – bridging disciplines of storytelling from the theatre to the canvas.

Working primarily in oil and graphite, his work has been described as “dramatic and story-driven.” His narrative and spiritual style has captured widespread attention, and his work now hangs in private collections across North America.

On stage, film, paper, or canvas, Theo creates in an attempt to awaken possibility within people. In the midst of all the noise, division, and conflict in our world, art invites us into a state of wonder; where we can slow down and discover beauty in places we might overlook.

His work aims to inspire and challenge viewers to contend rather than consume, and ultimately invite audiences into their own story.


Instagram: theo_vandergraaf