VAM offers more that 250 creative courses, workshops and camps Online and At-VAM annually for

Adults ages 18+

Teens ages 13 – 18

Kids ages 6 – 12

Designed to ignite the imagination and build technical skills, VAM Kids’ Courses delve into many mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, cartooning and more. Our programs offer a broad range of creative opportunities for ages 6 to 12 in a safe and fun atmosphere. Whether discovering new skills or building on old ones, kids love VAM courses.

Did you know that VAM Kids’ 1-2-3 are fun and progressive courses comprised of over 600 lessons making up a 7 year program? Children never repeat the same lesson twice! Working at their own pace, students are encouraged to slow down and watch their imaginations speed up while developing and practicing new skills. Students work in small peer groups and investigate drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking and much more while connecting the dots through art history, the principles of art and design and art practices from around the globe.

VAM Teen programs offer young adults ages 13 – 18 training in a variety of mediums with curriculum designed to further develop technical skills and creative thinking processes. Whether seeking to develop portfolio pieces, explore ideas or discover new techniques, teens will benefit from the program. Please bring a sketchbook, all other materials included.

Every VAM adult course is designed to offer artists ages 18 + new learning opportunities and a chance to develop or ne tune your artistic skills. Please select the level best suited to your own abilities and interest. If you are unsure, our of your level, our staff are happy to assist you in making your choice.

Try It. You’ll Like It (TIYLI) — For Adult Beginner or Intermediate level students who wish to try something new without the worry of having to purchase a lot of materials. Basic materials are provided to use in class so student costs are kept to a minimum.

Beginner (B) courses are designed for adult students new to making art or new to a specific medium (acrylic, oil, watercolour, pastel). Beginner courses are project-based with the goal of providing students with essential skills that can be built upon in future courses.

Intermediate (I) courses are ideal for adult students who have some experience in a specic medium and who are looking for direction towards progressive skill building. Basic drawing and painting skills are required.

Advanced (A) courses are designed for experienced adult students looking for an opportunity to continue their development in a supportive and encouraging environment. Some courses will provide instruction on specific techniques or support students in their exploration of new subject matter in order to expand their individual art practice. Advanced drawing and painting experience required.

No matter what your level, our roster of professional artist instructors will guide and nurture your artistic abilities. Your satisfaction as a student is their success as a teacher.